Maps/directories are free to the sponsoring agency

  • A FREE supply of the map/directory will be delivered to the sponsoring agency at no cost to them.
  • Build tourism
  • Promote your membership

Maps/directories are free to the sponsoring agency

  • Your map and directory should emphasize your area's strengths!
  • Liberty Marketing gets your input to identify your area's unique attributes.
  • No surprises or disappointments. We send you a preview of the publication for approval prior to production. There are NO surprises with Liberty Marketing!

Full service program that you control

  • With your endorsement and sponsorship, we do all the work.
  • WE contract the advertisers, design and produce the ads, design, print and deliver the final product.
  • You proof the map or directory prior to printing to insure accuracy and completeness.

You will be proud of your map or directory product

  • With your input, your publications will represent your area the way you want it to be.
  • With your endorsement, the maps and directories are designed to reflect the unique character of your organization and your role in your area.

Online version of your publication to share

  • Once your map or directory is finished, we post an online version for the next 12 months and give you a link to share!
  • We can help with your social media program to announce your new map or directory to the world!

We offer an annual anniversary program for our publications

  • Liberty wants to be your long-term partner in the evolution of your marketing program.
  • You will be pleased with our product, but more importantly, in how we do business.
  • We want to produce your maps and directories year after year, not just one time and we’re gone

Our in-depth market research before developing a new publication helps us effectively highlight tourist drawing local attractions, points of interest, historical information and community events