Our custom full color maps are a unique advertising vehicle for your business that isn’t diminished by modern technology. Turns out, people still like to get an overview of their area! Our map products also highlight local attractions and prominently display advertising from your business, your neighbor’s business and convey a strong message of community pride.


Ad Rates and Sizes

View our gallery to see how the ad size you select will look on your area’s map.

Our standard ad sizes and rates for our map publications are shown here, but your Liberty Marketing sales professional will be happy to discuss your specific advertising needs, and any discount programs that may apply to your business or your area’s map.

3" x 2"


$329.50 with 50 Free Maps

3" x 3"


$429.50 with 50 Free Maps

4" x 3"


$519.50 with 50 Free Maps

6" x 3"


$679.50 with 50 Free Maps

5" x 5"


$749.50 with 50 Free Maps

6" x 4"


$829.50 with 50 Free Maps

7.75" x 2.837" (Back Cover) 2.837" x 7.75"(Inside Cover)


$989.500 with 100 Free Maps

10" x 2.5"


$1589.50 with 150 Free Maps

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